On having a #1 app in the iPad App Store

Time to brag.

On Monday at work at autoTRADER.ca, we released a new autoTRADER.ca iOS app. This new app is a complete rewrite of our existing app for the iPhone. I had the fun opportunity to push the release button in iTunes connect in front of our office to much applause and excitement. Since then we have been watching all the metrics very closely and so far it has wildly exceeded our expectations.

We partnered with our friends at Auto Trader UK and expanded on their successful iPhone and iPad apps. We setup a new dev team late last year that quickly worked on upgrading and enhancing it to make it our own. Our new app is a universal app, with two distinct UIs optimized for iPhone and iPad. For the iPad, we reached #1 in the Lifestyles category in just over three days and for the iPhone we are currently at #2.

So far, the iPad version has hit #11 across all categories with the iPhone at #54.

Not bad for our first release from our new mobile dev team!

autoTRADER.ca iPad #1 in the Lifestyle category


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